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Dementia Dialogue Evenings


As a researcher in the of the Long Term Care Dementia team at the Anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam I co-organised the Dementia Dialogue Evenings. These evenings were aimed at facilitating exchange between people who live with dementia, family members or partners who (had) cared for somebody with dementia and professional dementia carers.

The evenings consisted of a presentation by one of the researchers in our team, an interactive element in smaller groups (e.g. an exercise or a Socratic dialogue ) and a plenary discussion. 

Read more about the dialogue evenings in our recent publication:
'Learning in Collaborative moments' in Anthropology in action.

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Palliative Care Collaboratories

In the Forms of Care project my colleagues Simon Cohn, Erica Borgstrom and I developed a series of workshops that we called 'Collaboratories': spaces of collaboration where sharing paradigms, problems, methods and concepts can catalyse novelty and experimentation. We delivered 6 collaboratories with two palliative care teams in London.

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